Cleveland, OH - September 15th - 18th, 2014

The list of shipmates and guests currently signed up is posted below.  It's still early but reservations must be in by August 15th.  This is one you don't want to miss!  Plan to join your shipmates in Cleveland, OH  from September 15th - 18th where our reunion will be hosted by Domenic and Virginia Iammarino (MM 71-72).  Join your shipmates to renew old friendships, make new ones and relive the good old days. We also will tour the USS Cod (SS 224), the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The NFL Hall of Fame and the National First Ladies Library.  

HOTEL WEB SITE:Holiday Inn South Cleveland / Independence
REGISTRATION FORM: Click For Registration Form

(as of 7/11/14)

43-45 Ed and June Kracker EM - WP 1,2,3,4,5 65-67 Ralph and Claire Gates SN
44-45 Al Cadenhead and son Kurt SN - WP 3,4,5,6    66-68 Gabe Lewis FTGU
& 56-59
John Murray EN 67-68 Eric and Sally Ericson TM
52-57 Bill VonDerLeith and Lola Bower IC 67-68 Denis and Maureen O'Brien TM
53-55 Charles Kimball EM 67-70 Rob and Bette Bridle EN
54-57 Henry and Teresa Kozloski FT 68-70 John and Darlene Kraft RM
56-58 Marvin and JoAnn Christenson ET 68-71 Bill and Joan Fenton LT
56-59 Phil & Dot Beals CS 69-70 Bill and Kathy Powell
and 2 Guests
58-62 Dick and Beth Gahan IC 69-71 Len Sciuto and Teri Saran QM
59-60 Ray and Nancy Moore EM 70 Ike Cohen SK
63-66 Len Fagotti and Marilyn Barratt EN 70-71 Paul Schramm ET
64-66 Jim and Yolanda Klein,
Guests: Jim and Laura Klein,
Jennifer Wilson, Ernie Hallman
EN 71-72 Domenic and Virginia Iammarino MM
64-66 Harry and Jo Ann Ross ST