New Orleans September 25 - 28, 2017   SAILING LIST

Picturesque New Orleans Street Car

Liberty call!  The Bang Gang will be going ashore in The Big Easy starting September 25.  It's a great time to renew acquaintances with Bang shipmates and to catch up.  Our hosts Jennifer Wilson and Paul Schramm have lined up a great program and a great hotel for our enjoyment.  There's still time to join the party.  Send you registration form and payment to Paul by September 4th.  To get the new reduced rate of $119 at The Troubadour you need to make your reservation directly with the hotel by August 23rd.

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(current as of 8/17/17)

43-45 Ed and June Kracker EM - WP 1,2,3,4,5    Frank & Claudia Steinmetz Guests
Fred Meilminster & Deborah Maguire Guests 64-67 Harry & JoAnn Ross ST
55-58 Bill & Barbera Mancuso EM 65-67 Ralph & Claire Gates SN
56-58 Marvin & JoAnn Christenson ET 66-68 Gabe & Pam Lewis FT
56-59 Phil & Dot Beals CS Karla Lindquist (Pam Lewis' Sister) Guest
57-60 Wayne & Elaine Thalasinos TM 67-68 Eric & Sally Ericson TM
58-62 Dick Gahan IC 67-68 Dennis & Maureen O'Brien TM
63-65 Jerry & Pam Casebolt FT 67-68 Jim & Harriet Schultz TM
63-66 Rocco & Nancy DeLeo EM 67-70 Rob & Bette Bridle EN
63-66 Len Fagotti & Marilyn Barratt EN 68-69 Alan & Linda Thole IC
64-65 Joseph Birdshaw FT 68-71 Bill & Joan Fenton LT
64-66 Jim & Yolanda Klein EN 69-72 Hal & Edith Wilkins ET
Harley & Jennifer Wilson Guests 70 Ike Cohen & Michelle Ostapiej SK
Marl & Estelle Walerzak Guests 70-71 Paul Schramm ET
64-67 Jack & Diane O'Connor MM